Modular System in Aluminum for walk-in cold rooms, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Supermarket

guideway system cold room racks shelving for professional kitchen hooked bars meat rail system

The IM 09 system overhead rails, frames and hooked bars are the ideal solution for transporting, hanging up and storing meat inside walk-in cold rooms of any kind and size. Made entirely from anodized aluminium alloy 12 microns thick and non-toxic plastics, they are guaranteed to offer lasting stability and a high standard of hygiene. A stable, solid sectional system that is quick and easy to install and shows great adaptability, allowing it to cater to a diversity of space requirements.

High load resistance, stable, quiet capacity from 150 Kg/meter to 600 Kg/meter - Quick and easy to assemble, without any special tools - A hygienically safe system. The system is designed and studied for to be the ideal solution for transporting and hooking meat insidel walk-in cold room, refrigerated store, freezing rooms. The hanging rail for meat is the ideal complement to the conveyor system for hanging the smaller pieces of meat, for smaller cold rooms.

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Our products: shelving for walk-in cold rooms, shelving for freezing rooms, meat rail for walk-in stores or cold rooms, meat hanging rails, hokked bars for meat and trolley for Hotel, Restaurant and Catering.